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Hammered Silver Swan Splint Ring Adjustable for PIP or DIP Joint in Rose or Yellow Gold Fill

This Sterling Silver ADJUSTABLE Swan Splint Ring with Turquoise Stone will help your joint to heal and align, it'll PREVENT HYPEREXTENSION of your joint, it'll let you bend your finger, supporting it in a way that'll give you some comfort while wearing a beautiful piece made with love. SIZING: We use standard US ring size to make our splints, we'll need the size ON TOP and the size UNDER your joint, please measure the circumference of your finger in both of the places mentioned. We DON'T use sizes taken with an angled sizer, please send us a message if you have sizing questions or need guidance. We make jewelry with soul, at affordable prices, we want our pieces to help you in any way they can, and of course, that you love the way they look on you. This ring is adjustable yet solid, is going to support your finger and adjust to changes that it goes thru. We ship the ring annealed, and the point of that is that you adjust the size of your forefinger if needed. We'll work with you for a perfect fit that'll bring you much desired relief, if the size that you get is not the right one, we'll take it back and resize it. Our goal is your comfort and that you are happy with your purchase. We offer this ring POLISHED, or MATE, you can specify the one of your liking in the "notes", if you don't specify you'll get it Polished by default.
Price: $50.00
Buy Hammered Silver Swan Splint Ring Adjustable for PIP or DIP Joint in Rose or Yellow Gold Fill: Band - ✓ FREE DELIVERY possible on eligible purchases Hammered Silver Swan Splint Ring Adjustable for PIP or DIP Joint in Rose or Yellow Gold Fill: Handmade
Hammered Silver Swan Splint Ring Adjustable for PIP or DIP Joint in Rose or Yellow Gold Fill
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