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How to Wear Hanbok, Korean Traditional Dress

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The Beauty of Korean Traditional Dress

The Beauty of Korean Woman's Traditional Dress,HanBok.

[Sinosphere] China, Japan, Korea, Vietnam Traditional Dresses - Beauties Of Asia

[Sinosphere] China, Japan, Korea, Vietnam Traditional Dresses - Beauties Of Asia.

Hanbok:Korean traditional clothes

Beautiful hanbok^^

15 Strange Things That Seem Normal Only In South Korea

South Korea is a dream travel destination for many, an absolutely fantastic culture, a country of contrasts, where modern technologies and ancient Eastern ...

100 Years of Beauty: Philippines | Research Behind the Looks | Cut

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[English Sub]Korean's traditional up style

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Hanbok (South Korea) or Joseon-ot (North Korea) is the representative example of traditional Korean dress. It is characterized by vibrant colors and simple lines ...

Vietnamese traditional costume "Áo Dài" + other East Asian traditional costumes

This video is mainly about the Vietnamese traditional costume "Áo Dài". The viewer of this video will see that the Vietnamese traditional costume isn't just simple ...

Korean and Thailand traditional

credits song : Vishnu-E.S. Posthumous.

[Korean Culture]Hanbok the Beautiful Traditional Costume of Korea EN

[Korean Culture]Hanbok the Beautiful Traditional Costume of Korea EN.

Wedding Dresses Across Asia

A gorgeous bridal fashion show featuring traditional and modern Asian wedding dresses proves that wearing white isn't always right. To learn more about these ...

DIY Traditional Chinese Make Up, The Making Of Natural Make Up

I did not make this video! All credit goes to: I just thought it was a very cool video and wanted to caption it so other people ...

Traditional Korean hairstyle 1


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The beauty of ASEAN traditional costumes (Southeast Asia Nations)

Yeah! A SPECIAL CLIP ! Happy new year 2017 !!!

Chinese Traditional clothing & Korean Traditional clothing

Traditional Korean clothing-hanbok design by Kim Sook-Jin

"Hanbok" is a collective term for traditional Korean clothing. Though there have been slight changes in hanbok over time in terms of material, preferred colors, ...

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