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Polar Vortex Tshirt Chicago I Survived 2019 Record Cold Gift


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My buddy asked me to freeze a t-shirt. How do you say no to that?! I don't advise anyone do any testing outside in this weather. Especially using water. Be safe.

Wet T-shirt and hot water! 1 minute outside in the polar Vortex hitting Chicago.

It was too cold to go outside, everything is closed because of the polar vortex going on in Chicago and we were so bored we did these 2 experiments we saw on ...

Polar Vortex in Chicago.

Did 15 Homeless Freeze 2 De@th in Chicago, As We Talk About Small Stuff?


Chicago Polar vortex Day 2 | Cold Weather Fun

Freezing cold weather and water experiment, what a fun! Things to do on a freezing day.

Cold WARNING and The Jet Stream Collapse | Polar Vortex/ Global Warming

In this video I discuss the breakdown of the jetstream due to warming arctic air and how that contributes to the extremely cold temperatures we are seeing in ...

It’s So Cold In America And Canada | Very cold

top10civity #entertainment #funnythings Watch More : It's So Cold In America And Canada | Very cold +Kid's New Hairstyles ! AMAZING ...

Unbelievable- Senior Citizen is forced to sleep outside in the winter cold!

I was compelled to tell this story about James Robert, who was evicted from his senior home across the street from my apartment in Edgewater Chicago.

Baltimore Cold Blue Alert targets vulnerable population in freezing temperatures

Baltimore braced for a night of sub-zero temperatures while trying to help its homeless population find a shelter. For more:

polar vortex funny videos

So what actually is a polar vortex? How people are having fun in the freeze.

meanwhile in canada -crazy cold weather expiriments

experiment 1 : how long until a t-shirt freezes experiment 2: throw boiling water in the air experiment 3 and 4 : stick our tongues on metal.

Surviving a Polar Vortex (01.07.15 | Day 560)'s cold! Walking home afterwork inspired me to talk about how to survive a polar vortex. Life in NYC. Food, Travel, Design, Fashion, whatever floats my ...

Staying Warm in a POLAR VORTEX!!! : The Rules

Baby, it's cold outside! Polar vortex (formerly known as "cold front") kind of cold! This week on The Rules I give you my top 3 rules for staying warm. And I get a ...

Freezing shirt in sub zero weather (Chicago freeze 1-7-14)

Damp shirt frozen in ~6 min.

Polar Vortex in Chicago | Get ready with Me | Artic Freeze

Hi Baves, this is a get ready with me in the polar vortex, don't forget to like, comment and subscribe! Intro Music: Beats by Genova Outro original song: Proud ...

My Day During the POLAR VORTEX!

In todays video I share my day during the POLAR VORTEX! One of the coldest days we have had in the midwest in a long LONG time! In todays video I share ...

On Assignment with Anelia: Arctic freeze road conditions with Deputy Whitney

Playing with the Polar Vortex

Discover what happens when you mix CynorScience with extreme cold temperatures!

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