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Girls' Colonial Costume, Pioneer Dress,Pilgrim for Girls with Bonnet


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Colonial Costume Dress Video Tutorial

Take a trip back in time to the formation of our country and declare your independence using one of our authentic looking colonial costume patterns. Our colonial ...

How to make Colonial Costume Part III--Girl's costume

This video show how to make colonial costume for 4th grader school event-Colonial Day. In this video, twins were using mom's and dad's clothes.

Women's Clothing at Colonial Michilimackinac

Getting ready for the day in the 18th Century was a bit different from what we are used to today. Historic Interpreter LeeAnn shows us the stepsby-step of getting ...

How I used a Pillowcase to Transform Dress and Hat

A single pillow case helped me transform this outfit. The dress was too long, the hat was frumpy so I modified it using a pillowcase. In this video I show you 1) ...

Eighteenth century clothing at Claude Moore Colonial Farm

The Claude Moore Colonial Farm is a living history farm in Northern Virginia. In this video, the Farm's interpreters (costumed staff) get dressed in ...

Girl Colonial Costume - Colonial costumes for girls that are perfect for Halloween, Thanksgiving, or reenactments!

Pioneer Dress

Find the pattern here: ...

Roo's How To: Make a Pilgrim/Puritan Costume

Hi everyone!! I am going to start a unit on the Salem witch trials in my class and I thought that dressing up the part would be a fun way to kick start the first lesson.

Women's Fashion from the 1860's

Historical reenactors show off some homemade clothing that would have been worn in the 1860's.

Colonial Girl Costume For Every Occasion One of the most vital eras in world history is the colonial period. People basically wore simple, plain outfits.

Beautiful Hand Sewn 1850's Dress

Beautiful Hand Sewn 1850's Dress Beautiful Handmade 1850's Dress by employee at Historic Westville Employee's at Historic Westville actually make their own ...

Gingham Style (Pioneer Clothes )

pioneer outfits for kids - check it out!

Attempting to Make an 18th Century Dress

Do you ever get so excited to skip some of the early *really important* steps? This project is a prime example of that. But I learned some stuff from it, so all is not ...

Elem. Students Try Pioneer Outfits

Elem. Students Try Pioneer Outfits.

If I were pioneer clothing

Inside a Mormon's Closet - Pioneer Dress (Vitality)

I've had some stuff in my closet for a long time but I just can't get rid of some things. -------CLICK TO SEE MORE-------- In order to have more energy, you need to ...

Clothing in the 1800's

description of clothes of men and women in the 1800's.

colonial fashion show

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