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Autism Spectrum Disorder: Your Autistic Child's Holiday Present This Season Autism Spectrum Disorder: Your Autistic Child's Holiday Present Everyone loves the festivity of the holidays But what about your ...

Autism Awareness Pins

How to make a puzzle pin.

How I Make My Autism Awareness Ribbon Keying

Hi guys! Just a quick video - thought I'd film this today when I was processing an order, because I know I haven't done a video in a long time. I don't want to do a ...

Motivating Children with Autism to Exercise

To introduce your child or students to exercise, you may need to find a motivator. In this video you will learn how books motivated Champion RJ to build his ...

Favourite Everyday Sensory Items! | invisible i [CC]

Everything mentioned in this video : Tsum Tsums : Crazy Aarons Putty (Love Is In The Air) ...

007 - Autistic Man's Vlog: The Birthday Man

My Stuff:* *Cool ...

002 1/2- Autistic Man's Vlog: The Trip to mom's

My Stuff:* Other's ...

009 - Autistic Man's Vlog: The Grandma's Birthday Dinner

My Stuff:* *Cool ...



Autism Awareness Duct Tape Bracelets

I'm raising money to help others on the Autism Spectrum by selling bracelets Send money orders in the USA only*** for $6 per bracelet to Erin Clemens, PO Box ...

Autism Toys

Thank you for watching!! Please subscribe!! Write a comment down below if you have questions or suggestions. Follow me on Twitter ...

How to ensure a "sensory-free" Halloween for children with autism - New Day Northwest

Hanna Green from Families for Effective Autism Treatment gives tips for creating a "non-sensory" Halloween experience.

Barefoot Autism Challenge Video

The inaugural, international Barefoot Autism Challenge will take place from April 1, 2017, through April 30, 2017. We hope this will be a virtual, annual event ...

Autism Persuasive Speech-Sarah Surratt

Persuasive Speech on Autism COMS 101 Liberty University.

Autistic kid guns down my family and forces me to edit (not clickbait) (goodbye)

Good shit coming soon.

Autism Pinoy 101: Sensory Play Part 2

DIY Tactile street, DIY sensory toys at iba pa.

3 DIY Sensory Toys For Autism or SPD | Quick, Easy, & Cheap DIY Fidget Toys

These three DIY sensory toys are quick, easy, and cheap. Perfect for autism, SPD (sensory processing disorder), or just general sensory play. DIY fidget toys are ...

When a guy with autism has a gun

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