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FAKE LPS VS REAL LPS - RAP BATTLE (Original Littlest Pet Shop Song)

WHO DO YOU THINK WON? FAKE OR REAL LPS? WRITE IN THE COMMENTS DOWN BELLOW! Lyrics: Intro: from 0:12 - 0:28 The Real GANG: 0:39 - Meow!

Littlest Pet Shop: Popular (Episode #19: Brooke) [SEASON 2 PREMIERE - Part 2/2]

Three weeks is a long time when you're spending it in isolation. Brooklyn Hayes is completely alone. She's lost her boyfriend, her best friend, and her social ...

Littlest Pet Shop: Popular (Episode #24: Love in Danger)

It only takes one wrong move to lose everything, and Savannah Reed may have done just that. Intentions aside, the evidence is certainly not in her favour.

Littlest Pet Shop: Popular (Episode #20: Love Notes) [Sous-titres français]

Savannah feels threatened by the new, hot exchange student from France, Brigitte LeBlanc. Who is Brigitte, really... and what are her true intentions?

Littlest Pet Shop: Zac & Annie's Date (LPS Idol Spin-Off) - Part 1

It was a typical day at work on the set of LPS Idol. When Zac was asked out on a date by a crazed (and completely smitten) Chihuahua fangirl named Annie, ...

Littlest Pet Shop: Popular (Episode #18: Savannah) [SEASON 2 PREMIERE - Part 1/2]

A lot can change in just a few weeks. Things seem to be going wonderfully for Savannah... but who says that can't be taken away in the blink of a perfectly ...

Littlest Pet Shop: Popular (Episode #21: What's Done is Done) [Sous-titres français]

Queen B is back, and she has a surprise... but she's in for a surprise herself when she realizes what she's done. Meanwhile, Savannah gets even more paranoid ...

CSI: LPS [Littlest Pet Shop] (Episode #23) [Sous-titres français]

The final installment of Crime Scene Investigation: Littlest Pet Shop is here. What will be Katrina's fate? Will Nick Affleck be put behind bars by Sabrina Bailey ...

Jacob(EP2)~Toy Feline Series~

My Instagram is animal_cove Krista Field.

Littlest Pet Shop: Popular (Episode #17: Pretty Face, Ugly Heart - Season Finale Part 2/2)

It's official: the truth is out, and there's no way Brooke will be able to flirt her way out of this one. Batting her eyelashes and prancing around in skimpy costumes ...

Littlest Pet Shop: Popular (Episode #10: Things Are Going to Get Ugly)

The moment Savannah took a seat at the football players' table, things changed... and Brooke knows it. Brooke might be the queen Barbie Doll right now, but ...

Littlest Pet Shop: Popular (Episode #6: Moments of Reflection) [Sous-titres français]

How will Brooke react when Savvy and Sage are partnered together for an English project? Will love blossom between the two, or will a certain blonde get in the ...

LPS: Vacation Love Part 2

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Lps: The Lost Girlfriend | Skit

Can you take a guess where his girlfriend is? I hope you all enjoy the video! I love you all so much!❤ ••••••••••••••••••••••••••••...


THE ALIENS ARE COMING FOR ME!!!!! ILL ALWAYS LOVE U GUYZ PS IS THERE PIZZA IN HEAVEN? SUPPORT If you like my videos, consider supporting me ...

Littlest Pet Shop: Popular [New Mid-Season Opening Sequence]

They're... ALIVE? LPS: Popular returns soon! ALL EPISODES OF LPS POPULAR: CONNECT ...

Littlest Pet Shop: Popular (Episode #8: Angel or Devil?)

Rumours are flying through the school about the showdown that happened before first period, and Savannah's name is on everyone's lips. Internal battles are ...

My lps OC's and drawings

Hope you loved it.

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