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The Rules of Fencing (Olympic Fencing) - EXPLAINED!

Ninh explains - The Rules of Fencing. Sometimes referred to as 'Olympic Fencing', this video explains the rules of foil, the rules of epee and the rules of sabre.

Stare przeciw nowemu. Taktyczne różnice w dawnej szermierce siecznej

Krótki filmik opowiadający o jednej z najważniejszych różnic w szermierce siecznej w Europie. Jak te roznice widoczne były w Polskich systemach i jaki wpływ ...

Discovering the beauty of fencing

Brazilian fencer Nathalie Moellhausen wants to make her sport more popular in Latin America by highlighting its artistry.

The challenges of being a fencing referee

CNN En Garde looks at the impact of video replay technology in fencing as we catch up with two Brazilian referees at a test event ahead of the Olympics.

Historical footwear's importance in historical fencing (HEMA) ...

Roman fencing - Protection and attack technique

Hi everyone! I apologize in advance for errors in the English language, which I'm just beginning to learn =) This video demonstrates roman fighting stances.

An important feature of the 'federschwert' in historical fencing

Foil Fencing Attacks : Basic En Garde in Foil Fencing

Foil Fencing tutorials. Learn the basic en garde fencing stance in this free video on foil fencing moves and techniques. Expert: Amy Boyle Contact: ...

Epee Fencing Attacks : Choosing Sword Style in Fencing

Why choose an epee or foil in fencing? Learn attacks and moves for epee fencing in this free fencing video. Expert: Amy Boyle Contact: ...

Full Contact Sword Fighting -WARNING GRAPHIC-

Full Contact Sword Fighting. Top 10 savage blows by Men fighting with steel and armor. Checkout Gear/Tools Used in Video: ...

Which historical weapons require the least skill to use?

If someone with little or no prior training in martial arts had to pick a weapon for a historical duel setting, which would be easiest to wield and give them the best ...

Half-swording - Why grabbing a sharp blade in a sword fight is not crazy

This is a technique from the historical fencing manuals that may seem very odd at first. Many people say "why would you grab a sharp blade with bare hands, ...

Roman Gladius Fencing with cold steel Roman Gladius Fencing Sword Fight

Gladius Trainer

Exclusion fencing tips from a producer – Will Roberts

Western Queensland woolgrower Will Roberts is the first to admit exclusion fencing has helped restore his faith in the future of the sheep industry. But he said ...

MMA with Medieval Armor and Blunt Weapons

Every year there is a medieval style combat tournament that takes place in a castle in Europe; that means swords, full body armor, and shields. This past year we ...

Counter Attack Tempo

Create a note book, copy and paste to your word program..... Simple reaction is a responsive action: it is a reply in which one knows or foresees a stimulus which ...

Intro to modern sabre fencing

A brief and hopefully lively guide to the fastest combat sport on earth. We've broken this into sections to explain the basic rules and dynamics of the game.

Distal taper on sword blades - not always constant or regular

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