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Gravity Falls - Dipper and Mabel Memories + Hugging Scene [HD]

NOTE: This video without using intro and outro) FINALLY! Dipper and Mabel are hugging and memories in Gravity Falls Weirdmageddon episode "Escape From ...

Cringe Gravity Falls Cosplay

Gravity Falls - Young Wendy Meets Future Dipper

Dipper has a crush on Wendy but what if the roles were reversed?

BABY ALEX AND LILY Dress up as Gravity Falls Characters 📕✋ Cartoons for Children

Hi, kids!! In today's new gameplay video starring Baby Alex and Lily we are going to dress them up as Gravity Falls characters Mabel and Dipper from Disney XD ...

Dipcifica Comic Dubs

Dipper X Pacifica, a requested Comic Dub :) ...


TOP 5 CUTEST MOMENTS IN GRAVITY FALLS Thanks for watching and leave a like if you enjoyed the video! :D Have a nice day ^^ - Gravity TV ▻ Follow me ...

Gravity Falls: Twins Forever

GENRE: Drama Based on the show: Gravity Falls ( Music: ...

Dipper and Wendy: I'll come back for you

Story: After Weirdmageddon is over and Dipper and his friends defeated Bill Cipher, It was time for Dipper and Mabel to go home. But Gravity Falls wasn't the ...

Gravity Falls S2E08 Blendin's Game Dipper meets his future crush!?

I'm confused...wasn't that the younger version of Wendy? Does that mean that she does like him? Maybe it's just what she said before...he's just too young.

Hey Brother - (Gravity Falls CMV)

AH! It's our first non-south park CMV and we're so excited to release it! You wouldn't believe how long this took us to make! But it was worth the time because it ...

Gravity Falls - Bipper is a pretty little psycho

Hmmm… God dammit, this boy is so hot... What? Oh, yeah! Sorry, I digress. What is this? This time I made video with Bipper, so he is Bill Cipher in Dipper's body.

THESE KIDS AIN'T OKAY | Gravity Falls Speedpaint #6

I miss drawing these precious twins together so I thought I make another speedpaint for 'em, aren't they adorable? :)) The MaBill Picture: ...

Gravity Falls: Pacifica Loves Dipper

by The-Fresh-Knight.

10 Gravity Falls Episodes That WEREN'T FOR KIDS

10 inappropriate Gravity Falls episodes adults would like. Subscribe now: ...

Gravity Falls LOL and Yeesh Version

Original Video made by SuperShadic.

How to Draw Mabel Pines | Gravity Falls

Learn How to Draw Mabel Pines from Gravity Falls with our step by step drawing lessons. Follow along with our easy step by step drawing lessons. Visit our ...

When Girls Bite Boys and Boys Bite Girls

Voice Cast✪ ✓Girl (Mabel): Starleeter ( ✓Boy (Dipper): BlooCerix (

Mabel Girl | Gravity Falls | Disney XD

LYRICS: Here comes your, Mabel girl, We dreamed of bein' free, (so free) But now we know, That that can never be, You're what friends are all about, You ...

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