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Cody Parkey Misses Game Winning Field Goal Vs. Eagles 2018 NFC Wild Card Game

Cody Parkey with the double doink!!!

Cody Parkey “Double Doinks” 43 Yard Game Winning Field Goal

Video from NFL Rip Bears 12-4 Season.

The Double Doink heard around the world!


Long Bowl - Double Doink

Trying the DOUBLE DOINK field goal in Madden!

As Cris Collinsworth explained, the Chicago Bears had their NFL season end on a rare "double doink." In this video, we try to recreate this feat from the wild card ...

'Double Doink' takes over Philadelphia

The "Double Doink" is sweeping Philly - from the PECO Crown Lights, to billboards, t-shirts, and, of course, Gritty. MORE:

Cody Parkey's DOUBLE DOINK

With the game, and the season on the line, Bears kicker Cody Parkey hits the post of the uprights TWICE on one kick, giving the Eagles the win and a spot in the ...

Philadelphia Company Making 'Double Doink' Shirts

Natasha Brown reports.

Icing the kicker Bears double doink


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How rare was the 'Doink-doink'?

Bears kicker Cody Parkey hit the upright then the crossbar on a potential game-winning field goal. So, how rare was it?

Eagles & Bears Fans React to Cody Parkey's Missed Field goal | NFC Wildcard 2018

NBC's Cris Collinsworth's 'double doink' call bounces into Bears and NFL lore

The phrase may go down in NFL lore with the likes of “the fumble,” “wide right” and other odes to playoff heartbreak — even if it does sound less dignified.NBC's ...

Eagles Fans Celebrate After Cody Parkey’s “Double-Doink” - Stadium

Eagles Fans Celebrate After Cody Parkey's “Double-Doink” - Stadium Eagles Fans Celebrate After Cody Parkey's “Double-Doink” - Stadium Whether in a bar, ...

Bears fan’s tirade on Cody Parkey double doink field goal attempt 100% CLEAN

Following the infamous “double doink” missed field goal in the NFL playoffs by Cody Parkey, which sent the Chicago Bears packing at the hands of the ...

Double Doink - Best Philadelphia Eagles Reaction vs Chicago Bears

Best Philadelphia Eagles Reaction vs. Chicago Bears Playoff Victory.

Cody Parkey Memes

Credit Roll (Twitter): @barstoolsports @CParkey36 @JaBoyJimmy @Deadspin @DylansRawTake Credit Roll (Instagram): @nathan.petermans.memebank ...

Eagles fans witness the double doink

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