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Training my Hawk to the Lure | Falconry Apprenticeship Journey.

Carol is a juvenile Red Tailed Hawk. Although its fun to say i have a pet hawk, Carol is much more then just a pet. She is being trained to hunt wild game and act ...

First Time Hunting With My Hawk | Falconry Apprentice

MP Shirts, Hoodies and more available here!: After several months of training I think its finally time to take Carol the Red Tailed Hawk on ...

Hunting Jack-Rabbits with Harris's Hawks in Utah: Falconry with Craig Boren

We meet Craig Boren at 7:30AM at a gas station, and follow him 20 miles into the backcountry to experience his take on dirt-hawking. What ensued was a story ...

Falconry in Philly

Courtney Douds, a licensed falconer, is teaching her red tailed hawk Addy to hunt. KRISTEN BALDERAS/STAFF.

Indiana Falconers Association | The Weekly Special

WTIU's The Weekly Special joins members of the Indiana Falconers Association on a hunt to learn more about this ancient sport. Back in the studio, Alan Pope, ...


Well known British Falconer, Phillip Glasier, is running a Falconry School at Newent in Gloucestershire, to teach a skill that can be traced back four thousand ...

Hawk Part 1 Jersey Falconry

Hawk Part 1.

LIVE - Falconry/Bird of Prey Expert Mike Dupuy with Dr Sasse - 5pm PDT / 8pm EDT

Live interview with Mike Dupuy, a falconry/bird of prey expert and professional public speaker who passionately pursues falconry as a sport, a profession, and a ...


Hawking w/ red tail hawk in California GOPRO HERO HD 24 seconds stoop falconry Falcoaria e cetreria c/ cauda varmelha.

2014 New Jersey Falconer field meet

an awesome day with New Jersey falconers.


In order of appearance; Ferruginous Pygmy Owl Barn Owl Kestrel Long eared Owl Peregrine Falcon Gyrfalcon Red Tailed Hawk Chilean Eagle.

Falconer with Red Tail Hawk in Philadelphia 3

This falconer showed up on my block with his hawk. He'd had her for about a year and was ready to set her free about a week from when I took this video.

Peregrine Falcon, hoping for the best

This Peregrine Falcon is an adult male and was found in the Panguitch, Utah area. It is missing part of its wing and was brought to the Southwest Wildlife ...

Falconry day with hawk force at the hopfarm

Falconry day.

Georgia Falconry Association Part 1

General falconers, master falconers and the President of the Georgia Falconry Association give you an inside look at the world of falconry from its thousand-year ...

3 Falconry Meets Part 1

Pahrump, Visalia and Arizona Meets for 2015-2016 season. Bill and I on our hawking adventures with our Harris's Hawks and dog Bree.

Hawk Rescue by renowned falconer/hawk whisperer Brian Gray.

This red-tailed hawk flew into a glass door trying to take an African Grey parrot. Was knocked out cold. I waited for him to regain consciousness and see if he ...

Flying Falcons

Flying Falcons with my uncle, Shayne Clarke, in Utah. Subscribe!

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