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Premolar bitewing positioning tips for dental x-rays

How to position digital x-ray sensors for premolar bitewings.

How to Take Periapical Radiographs

How to set up the XCP and take posterior periodical radiographs.

How to take dental x-rays with bisecting angle positioning

Demonstration on how to take dental x-rays with the bisecting angle technique.


A good diagnosis require a good x-ray but what we get is cone cut, elongated images. So here we are with a solution that worked for us effectively. It can be ...

Correct positioning of XIOS XG Supreme sensors: Maxilliary Posterior Periapical

Watch the video to learn more about the correct positioning of our XIOS XG Supreme intraoral sensors. For an overview over the most important indications, take ...

Maxillary Anterior Positioning

Tips on using the Schick AimRight Adhesive to position for a maxillary anterior.

Endodontic Radiology

Rinn XCP DS Fit with XCP Paralleling System Rings | Dentsply Sirona

Demonstrating techniques for placement in a full mouth series. This video is broken down in sections to view anterior, posterior, and bitewing placement.

5. Anterior Periapical placement (XCP) Direct sensor

This video is from the electronic book "Dental Radiography: A quick reference guide” available for purchase from the iTunes store: ...

Best Positioning for Minimally Invasive Exodontia

John Alonge, MS, DDS offers recommendations for clinician and patient positioning for improved minimally invasive extractions. For ADA CE online, and Dr.

Diagnostic dental radiographs: A concise how-to

Mary Berg, RVT, RLATG, VTS (Dentistry), demonstrates her preferred method of obtaining these images.

How to Take a Complete Mouth Series with Digital Sensors

Sung Kim, DDS, Director of Oral and Maxillofacial Radiology.

How to use intraoral x-ray holders

A useful video on how to use your intraoral x-ray holders. Both for RINN nad Kerr-Hawe ones.

Webster Vet Digital Dental X-Ray Training

Produced / Edited by Stephen Gmeiner Client - Webster Vet (now Patterson Vet)

Taking an FMX

Taking an FMX.

Bitewing Technique

Bitewing technique using wired sensors, XCP and JadRad for OHSU School of Dentistry students. Includes a canine/premolar bitewing, premolar bitewing and ...

Panoramic Positioning with the Progeny Vantage Panoramic X-ray

The Progeny Vantage Panoramic Positioning Video allows you to become familiar with and most effectively use the Progney Vantage Panoramic System for ...

The Canine Intraoral Radiograph Dance

Vickie Byard, CVT, VTS (Dentistry) demonstrates an efficient way to obtain all images on the right side of a dog's mouth.

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