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Razor tank:= night= blue=


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Maxspec razor lighting on a custom 40g tank

Custom built 40 gallon tank 30 gallon sump razor lighting 160w 16000k tank is 3-31/2 months old.

4 x 120W Maxspect Razor R420R at night (50% blue, 0% white)

200x70x60cm Aquarium, beleuchtet nur mit blauen LEDs von 4 x Maxspect Razor R420R 120W 16000K - zum Vergleich das gleiche Aquarium bei Tag mit ...

Maxspect Razor lit reef tank

my mixed reef tank running on maxspect razors 16k 160w.

Reef Tank | 450L | Razor LED | 1080p

Reef Tank with 2x Maxspect Razor 10.000K 120W.

Razor Maxspect Reef Tank

Razor Maxspect 160W 16000K.

240 gallon reef tank on blue night lighting

Video of my reef tank, with only blue channels on of 2 Maxpect Razors 10K 160W, 2 TMC Ultima 1500 and 2 Fiji purple T5 on low output. Showing my VERY ...

Juwel Lido 200 Saltwater Reef setup with Maxspect Razor 120w (HD)

Just installed my new Razor LED-Light! (watch in HD quality) The system is a... Juwel Lido 200 Liter Juwel Skimmer 3.0 (customized to skim the surface water) ...

Check out my new maxspect razor led unit on a cichlid tank!

By Paul Talbot Links for more informations and prices: ...

Reef Tank under Blue Moonlights

maxspect razor 300w under full blues.

Reef Tank with Maxspect Razor R420R LED

My mixed Reef Tank, 450L with 2 Maxspect Razor panels, each 120W and 10.000K white/blue LED.

Maxspect R420R Razor - Here is the AquaNerd Blog video review of the Maxspect R4240R "Razor" LED fixture. This video focuses on the three settings that ...

Maxspect razor 2 x 120 watt 10000K

Net geplaatst. Avond verlichting. Just installed. Evening light.

Heroin AM - SNL

For people who want to do heroin, but also be productive, there's Heroin AM. Subscribe to SNL: Get more SNL: ...

264g reef tank with 4 LED Maxspect Razor R420R 120W 16,000K

78.74x27.56x27.56" / 264g reef tank with 4 x Maxspect Razor R420R 120W / 16000K LED lights. Same tank with metal halides + T5 here: ...

AC/DC - Thunderstruck (Official Music Video)

Strap yourself in for the most thundering AC/DC tracks! Listen to the playlist now:!ts The Razors Edge Buy/Listen ...

125 gallon tank with New Maxspect Razor R420R 160W 8000K LED Light Fixture

125 gallon tank with New Maxspect Razor R420R 160W 8000K LED Light Fixture Comparison between Aquaticlife and Max Razor. Please subscribe!

Racist Mario

The Mushroom Kingdom will never be the same... Subscribe to Flashgitz! ▻ Like us on Facebook!

New Razor 120w LED Light Systems on 220g #1 at AquaCorals

UPDATE 12-22-13...This is an old video of my first test run of the Maxspect Razor LED 16K light systems. I have since reconfigured my suspension system to a ...

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