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HAWAII'S Green Sea Turtles...Wow Beautiful

Turtles swimming inshore Big Island, Hawaii.

Sea Turtles in Texas

Visiting Sea Turtle Inc in South Padre Island Texas I met lots of amazing animals, especially Allison the one-flippered Green Sea Turtle who swims with use of a ...

The Little Maui Mermaid on the Beach in Hawaii with Green Sea Turtles. Hand made tail Real Maui Mermaids hand made tail created by Sita Lange.

Underwater Hawaii Coral Reef- Sea Turtles, Tropical Fish and a Mermaid Spotted !!

Mermaid Citrine explores a Hawaiian Reef and finds sea turtles, lots of colorful coral and tropical fish ! and ...

Sea Turtle spotted while snorkeling

Green sea turtle spotted in 20 feet of water while snorkeling off Delray Beach, Florida.

Swimming & snorkeling with a Sea Turtle in Hawaii - Snatam Kaur - Kabir's Song Custom 5 to 7 day trips swimming and snorkeling with wild dolphins in Kona, Hawaii and in Bimini, Bahamas. Join us for the ...

Hawaiian Green Sea Turtle

Footage of an Hawaiian Green Turtle that came to check me out while I was surfing at Hookipa Beach Park on the north shore of Maui in May 2008. I saw her ...

Snorkeling with Green Sea Turtles in Hawai'i

Sea Turtles Full Version!

Want to learn about sea turtles in Florida from some locals in the know? Watch these knowledgeable Florida kids to learn what you can do to help protect sea ...

Sea Turtle on Hawai`i's Big Island

Here is a green sea turtle (Chelonia mydas) swimming near the beach at the Four Seasons Hualalai. 19°49'48.45"N; 155°59'24.19"W.

Green Sea Turtle upclose

SEA TURTLE TILE MURALS, Hawaiian Sea Turtle, Turtle Murals

visit my web site: Tile Murals featuring Sea Turtles. Custom Hand Carved by Janna Morrison, Makena Tile Murals. For kitchen splash ...

Kapoho Hawaii 17 Acre Oceanfront Estate offered

17 acre oceanfront estate for sale, 2 custom homes build 4 more, back of Kapoho Bay 5 acres of lagoons, Green Sea Turtles, Tropical fish, Coconut and fruit ...

Green Sea Turtle Mural, Cooly Divers, Coolangatta

Just a quick painting before heading to Hawaii. I hope to add some more critters to it soon!

I met a green sea turtle in Maui

Met the turtle in Makena, on Maui!

The Amazing Sea Turtle Movie

I've been researching this turtle for twelve years and by the way I think she is pregnant, too. Her first nesting was in 2011 and I believe she will nest again this ...

Sea turtles in Hawaii!!!!!!!!

Really NICE.

GoPro: Epic! Tours - Giant Sea Turtles

Videos were shot during a few Epic! Tours -Hilo Jeep Adventure Tours on the Big Island of Hawaii. These custom private tours consisted of hiking through the ...

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