Vacuum Accessories Hose Extension Tube for Dyson V7 V8 V10 Cordless Cleaner


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How to change a vacuum hose machine end

Alec at VacuumSpot shows how to change the hose end of your vacuum cleaner. This is a very easy repair providing you hose uses the cuff and click ring to ...

How to attach the Kirby Vacuum hose

Learn how to use attach the hose to the Kirby Sentria vacuum cleaner. For additional assistance with your Kirby home care system, visit

How to Customize a Universal Cold Air Intake Filter System - Pep Boys

Spectre Performance demonstrates in this video how to customize a universal cold air intake kit using parts you can find at your local neighborhood Pep Boys.

Hoover Power Scrub Deluxe Attachment Cleaning

Logan demonstrates for how to use the Hoover Power Scrub Deluxe for attachment cleaning.

Kubota 12 Gal- Attaching hose and accessories

Attaching hose and accessories on Kubota 12 gallon vac.

Hoover SteamVac Connecting Hose & Tools F5915900

How to properly connect the hose and tools Hoover SteamVac Connecting Hose & Tools F5915900.

How To STOP Getting Kinks & TANGLES in Your Python Water Changer Hoses

How To STOP Getting Kinks & TANGLES in Your Python Water Changer Hoses ...

Craftsman Professional Vacuum Hose

A look at the Craftsman Professional vacuum hose. This hose is also sold as the Craftsman Industrial Replacement Hose but with slightly different fittings.

Festool Training: How to Wrap your Hose into the CT Dust Extractor

Sometimes it can be a struggle to get your suction hose and power cord properly wrapped into the top for your CT Dust Extractor. In this video Sedge shows how.

How To Use the Python No Spill Clean & Fill | Big Al's

Buy the Python Here: Stop dreading water changes! You're meant to enjoy your aquarium, and the Python No Spill Clean & Fill system helps ...

Karcher Professional Vacuum Cleaner Review

This Karcher NT 40/1 Tact TE M professional M Class vacuum is a thoroughly good machine that does three jobs for me well, first it's a really good vacuum for ...

Python Water Changer Hack 🌊 NO More WASTING Water

Python Water Changer Hack NO More WASTING Water Today Mike shares...

Shark Navigator Lift-Away Accesories

For more vacuum news and reviews check out I review and demonstrate the accessories that come with the Shark Navigator Lift-Away ...

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Hoover Steamvac Spinscrub - How To Attach Hose and Spin Tool

How to use attached hose and use spin tool. Used for stairs and stains etc. hand held.


All about MDPE mains water pipe. How to fit on your water mains coming into your house and fit an ATPLAS chamber. We show you how the couplings work and ...

Miele Must Have Attachments Hi. Steve Cain here All Vacuum Center talking to the Miele owners out there. Miele got great additional attachments for your ...

Modernize Your Workbench with All the Accessories!

Modernize your workbench and make it more functional with these add-ons and accessories. Sponsor: Rockler Woodworking and Hardware: ...

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