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Perfecting the Impression Making Technique// Proper Insertion and Removal of Impression Tray

This video explains that perfect fitting of a lab-made restoration in patient's mouth is possible only with a precise impression. And proper method of Seating and ...

Custom Acrylic Resin Impression Tray Fabrication

Shows the construction of a custom acrylic impression tray for immeditate maxillary denture. Orig. air date: MAR 15 72 This is part of the Open.Michigan ...

21 Posterior Border CD's

How to determine the posterior limit of the maxilary denture using the vibrating line and hamular notches.

Fabrication of Full Arch Impression and Tray

Orig. air date: AUG 26 87 This is part of the Open.Michigan collection at:

20 Custom Trays

How to evaluate a custom tray prior border molding, both on the cast and intraorally. Intraoral check begins at 2:28 min:sec.

Impression Bite Registration

This video gives a walk through of the process of aligning the scanned impression with the bite registration, adjusting the occlusion and fitting a virtual base.

Dentures - Wax Rim Appointment - Wax esthetics, speech, CR, VDO

Here is an excellent video courtesy of Dr. Allen Dray regarding adjusting denture rims. Important points: Establish anterior esthetics, speech, facebow, vertical ...

Complete Denture Procedure ; 14 Posterior Palatal Seal

14 - Check Posterior Extension of Custom Tray

Check Posterior Extension of Custom Tray - Dr. Mahmoud Ramadan - 4Dent tube -

model-tray - intercuspidator for closed-mouth partial impressions EN

The Intercuspidator is a gliding path simulator guided by intercuspidation and is used for direct casting and fixation of maxillary and mandibular impressions, ...

21 Border Molding

How to border mold a custom tray prior making a final complete denture impression. Times for subtopics: 0:55 Maxillary; 5:42 - Mandibular (min:sec).

Lower Compound impression.wmv

Clinical instructions on how to take a lower compound impression for an edentulous patient. Copyright © 2011-2012 Dr Julian Satterthwaite and Mr Reza Vahid ...

impression using completed custom trays with wax rims

Alginate Impressions

DENTCA - Bite Registration

DENTCA - Bite Registration.

PVS Bite Registration

Triad Occlusal Guard

This video snippet is a quick how to make an occlusal guard or night guard for patients. An occlusal guard can help mitigate the destruction seen in clenching ...

Ask Gordon: What is the best technique for complete denture impressions?

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