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Faith Walker: True Story...2x Stage 4 Breast Cancer Survivor, 13 Year #Warrior

Please watch and share this video of me telling some of my story, of surviving twice and since then a tumor discovered in my lung has disappeared! 13 year ...

ReneeInCancerland - Renee In Cancerland - Renee Sendelbach - Metastatic Breast Cancer

I have been living with Stage 4 breast cancer for 6.5 years, MDS, 3 brain surgeries - I am here to inspire all to live life now with love, hope and happiness.

Breast and Metastatic Cancer Powerpoint Video 2012

My name is Laura. I have metastatic breast cancer. Between my original diagnosis and my recurrence, I took a class in medical terminology, hoping to one day ...

A metastatic cancer patient speaks! THINK BEFORE YOU PINK!

Pink ribbons are NOT cures! In preparation for October, breast cancer awareness month, starting in September of each year many of us breast cancer survivors ...

Sudden Healing- Late End Stage Metastatic Cancer Miracle-Oncologist Speaks Out-All God.wmv

This video journal features world-renowned cancer surgeon/oncologist and Chairman of the Department of Obstetrics/Gynecology at one of the leading hospitals ...

Today is a GREAT day - Riska Roulstone

The loss of her life leaves a void in all who knew her, but the inspiration to be better, shine more and love unconditionally, believe, have faith, trust and give has ...

Breast Cancer Survivor (Song - "Our love")

I'm a Breast Cancer survivor and still "I stand," five years strong and counting. This song was written and produced by my wonderful children as I was on the ...

BREAST CANCER 2016--Chemo, Surgeries, Hospital Stays

Ladies diagnosed with breast cancer, you will make friends, have new experiences and learn so much from this journey. Have faith, hope and a sense of humor!

Breast Cancer Awareness Products Faith Hope Survive

Breast Cancer Awareness Products by Faith Hope Survive Breast Cancer Awareness products to benefit the cause. Breast Cancer ...

(Fight song) Breast Cancer Awareness Month

Ashley David, we will miss you. Your Faith never wavered. Thank you for leaving us this song.

This is my beautiful 29 yr old cousin Ashley David; wife and mother of three when she was fighting stage metastatic breast cancer. She passed away in Aug 22, ...

Leap of Faith- My Breast Cancer Story!

Today I share my testimony about God's Power! No matter what you are facing, God will save you in your storm. Just take a Leap Of Faith. Thanks, Deanna.

BBC viewers praise 'inspirational and brave' breast cancer survivor

Viewers watching last night's episode of Hospital on BBC Two praised a pregnant cancer patient's bravery and heaped tributes on staff in a women's hospital.

Surviving Strong - Julie's Breast Cancer Story Julie thought she didn't have to worry about breast cancer because she had no family ...

Renee In Cancerland inspirational Stage 4 breast cancer

Inspirational story about me and living with Stage 4 breast and MDS. I am here to spread love and show you how I live with Hope.

Jeanette & David: A Story of Love

Jeanette Cueva, 53, finds strength through her husband, David's, unwavering support, which includes parenting their two children. She was diagnosed with ...

Divine's Plea Part 1

Divine is a 31 year old diagnosed with stage 4 breast cancer and is battling to bring her husband home. Please continue in FAITH. Divine's belief, "That God is in ...


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