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"Police Officer," Songs about Professions by StoryBots

Rescuing a stranded motorist, helping a lost child, catching lawbreakers... it's all in a day's work for the fearless police officer! The StoryBots are curious little ...

11-Year-Old Sobs Over Her Horses Death After 50 Were Poisoned at Farm

50 horses have been poisoned by contaminated feed at a California stable. Many of them are dying in agonizing seizures that have left their owners bereft, ...

Zootopia Official Sloth Trailer (2016) - Disney Animated Movie HD

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HE DIDN'T STAND A CHANCE... | Resident Evil 7 - Part 2

It's getting pretty deadly in here as we're starting to see the ugly side of the family. Subscribe Today! ▻ Spooky Thyself ...

Cars final race - Its just an empty cup

Final race in Pixar's Cars. Content owned by Disney Pixar. No copyright infringement intended.

The Ultimate Viral Cat Video

Prince Michael makes a viral video. Idea By: joyreactor Thanks for the help: Ashley Bornancin Music By Andrew ...

Can the Queen's Guard Really Not React to People While on Duty?

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Eli's abalone pasta for his exhausted wife [Mr. House Husband / 2017.01.17]

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I don't have anything against cops if they obey their oath. To the Constitution and the people to serve and protect. But I do have A problem with the military style ...

Stephen Does The Math On Senators For/Against Kavanaugh

The FBI's report on Brett Kavanaugh will change the way Americans view Trump's contentious Supreme Court nomination... very little. Subscribe To "The Late ...

Obama Angrily Scolds Young People For Not Paying Attention To Him During Speech

Obama Angrily Scolds Young People For Not Paying Attention To Him During Speech Former President Barack Obama continues to hit the campaign trail in ...

Trump Rally / Asshole starts fight then gets arrested

Trump Rally at Cumberland Valley Highschool in PA.

Knowing your rights during a traffic stop

By: Tanya Foster SILVER SPRING TOWNSHIP, Pa. -- Traffic stops are typically unexpected and can be unnerving for some people. Whether the motorist is ...

Cleaning Mistakes Inside Edition

Never make these cleaning mistakes again! GH is on the case!

Judge Judy scolds Court Officer Byrd who shows some attitude towards plaintiff

Judge Judy mildly scolds Byrd as he displays too much attitude towards a plaintiff. This wasn't the first time and it won't be the last. Stay tuned...

Byrd from Judge Judy gives it back to the young punk

Byrd from Judge Judy gives it back to the young punk!!! He takin no crap!!!

Why you don't harass the Queen's Guard

what a stupid jerk.

The Walking Dead telltale Final Season || Lets get all the trophies [Trophy Hunting Pt.1]

Welcome to my channel. I am doing a series of videos/streams of TWD Final Season. But not just playing it, I'm gonna get all the trophies on this series.

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