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Flashback: Cardi B on Using the N-Word: Latinos are Mixed with African

Despite being in the news recently for calling dark-skinned women roaches and receiving critique for her use of the N-Word, Cardi B spoke on colorism and ...

Mixed People Problems: Do I Look White?

Any of my other mixed people out there have any thoughts on this? Do you think more & more people can tell your background these days? I feel like it varies ...

Puerto Ricans & Dominicans Are BLACK!!!

Please check out these videos... They go into a lot more depth. "This Is Why Afro Puerto Ricans & Dominicans Deny Being Black!

Am I REALLY Hispanic? DNA Test Results!!

What's inside his DNA? Finally! Get your 23 and Me DNA test here: My friend has always wondered how much of his ...

Native American Ancestry DNA Results

My 23 and ME RESULTS!! ...

So it's been 5 years since I uploaded my last video, and I thought i'd share my reaction video to my 23 and me results that I received!

Puerto Rican - Ancestry DNA Results

Hi Everyone! I thought it would be cool to do an Ancestry DNA test. SKIP TO 1:52 for my DNA results. If you are new to my channel I am of Puerto RIcan descent.




Nikki's video, we have a sushi partayyy!!!!!! Big ups to my sista from anotha mista, my other Hapa half, Nikki! She came over to ...

Cardi b talking spanish (Dominican)

Why it's sweet to be half Asian (Korean and Puerto Rican)

Disclaimer: This video is insanely cheesy and all acts were total improvisation. Whole Asians may take offense.

Big Pun - It's So Hard ft. Donell Jones

Big Pun's official music video for 'It's So Hard'. Click to listen to Big Pun on Spotify: As featured on Yeeeah Baby. Click to buy ...

Mixed Babies Hair: Moisturizing & Detangling |Shea Moisture Line|

Welcome to Love On 6th Daily Vlogs! **Don't forget to SUBSCRIBE, THUMBS UP, & SHARE!** Today I'm doing a quick tutorial/product review on how to ...

Mix Puerto Rican vietnamese baby

My handsome mix Puerto Rican vietnamese baby.

Half Japanese, half Latino hottie (5 hot models at Men's Fashion Week Pt 1)

Urban met the hot male models for Men's Fashion Week held in Singapore this year. Out of the fifteen models, 5 were picked as the hottest. We find out more ...

What It's Like To be Arab/Mexican V.2

The mixed baby struggle and confusion continues. Here's to all the Arab Latinos out there including Shakira! Connect With Me: FACEBOOK: ...

Da Puerto Rican Adventure Part 2

Part 2 of Baby $qwirl and da homies in San Juan, Puerto Rico ridin around and hittin up da klubs.

What is White Hispanic??? MyHeritage DNA Test Results What am I?

What EXACTLY am I mixed with??? Finally got my results back from MyHeritage DNA test results back from the lab and ready to take a crack at deciphering my ...

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