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'Gritty' debuts as Philadelphia Flyers new mascot

The Philadelphia Flyers unveil their new mascot "Gritty" at a preseason NHL hockey game, and fans respond to his debut with an outpouring of comments over ...

The Best of "Gritty"

I'm Alive.

New Flyers Mascot Gritty Falls on The Ice, Keeps Fans Rocking Anyway

The new Philadelphia Flyers mascot Gritty is the gift that keeps on giving. Watch as he wipes out on the ice in his first game appearance and then entertains the ...

Gritty causes a stir during Mites on Ice game

Philadelphia Flyers mascot Gritty joins the Mites on Ice game to wreck some havoc with youth players at Wells Fargo Center, while putting a smile on some of the ...

NHL mascots REALLY don't like how popular Gritty is | Always Late with Katie Nolan

In the Always Late segment "Of Course You Missed It," Katie Nolan explains how her small Twitter spat with Bailey, the Los Angeles Kings' mascot, uncovered a ...

Gritty goes wild against Rangers

Gritty continues to impress in his first week on the job, taking a private helicopter to New York for an appearance on "The Tonight Show" and duking it out with a ...

Gritty Makes His TV Debut On Eyewitness News

Meet the Flyers new mascot, Gritty.

Gritty, S.J. Sharkie battle in Fastest Skater competition

As Gritty and S.J. Sharkie continue to take All-Star Weekend by storm, they kick off the Bridgestone NHL Fastest Skater competition with a battle of their own!

Philadelphia Flyers Mascot Gritty Debut

9/24/2018 Gritty on ice! Philadelphia Flyers mascot.

Gritty mania: How a new mascot won the Internet — and his city's support

After 42 years without a mascot, the Philadelphia Flyers debuted Gritty in 2018. The team had no idea what would happen next. Subscribe to The Washington ...

GRITTY: THE MOVIE (2018) - Official Trailer

The Philadelphia Flyers unveiled their new mascot 'Gritty' on Monday, and he is a lot to take in. As Jay and Dan explain, with Gritty being a viral sensation, that ...

Gritty Song (Philadelphia Flyers mascot)

See my video "Gritty - the Pepe of the Left" QUICK! BEFORE OUR YOUTUBE CHANNEL IS SHUT DOWN!

Jeff Passan tells Jim Rome the Flyers mascot Gritty freaks him out - Sep 26, 2018

Passan thinks Gritty is the result of going out to the desert, dropping acid, and coming back with a mascot idea.

"NEW" Gritty the Flyers mascoy & Phanatic Phillies mascot dance off !!!

Gritty the Flyers mascot & Phanatic Phillies mascot meet and dance off at the Phillies game. Sep 29,2018.

Hockey Mascot Moments

Follow us on Twitter: ▻Become a Patron: - ▻Tell me what NHL videos you would like in ...

Flyers' Mascot Gritty Makes Debut At Wells Fargo Center

Flyers fans welcomed Gritty on Monday night.

Philadelphia Flyers mascot Gritty Dumps Popcorn on Rangers Fans

Gritty teases a couple of New York Rangers fans, dumping bags full of popcorn and tossing their hat into the air, while gesticulating wildly behind them during a ...

Gritty, Philadelphia Flyers mascot on SNL Weekend update

Season 44 episode 1 weekend update 9/29/18 . Gritty gets so much media attention, he makes snl weekend update.

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