Midwest Tradition Lever Ceramic Bearing Kit 5-Set


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Midwest Tradition Lever Turbine Rebuild Tutorial

Step by step tutorial for rebuilding you Midwest Tradition Lever highspeed dental handpiece with the ProScore EZ Press III. This video is for the Ceramic and ...

How to change the turbine in Tradition Plus handpiece

Instructions on changing turbine.

Dental Handpiece Turbine Repair -Dental Ball bearings replacement

Dental Handpiece Turbine Repair -Dental Ball bearings replacement on High speed Turbine handpiece. Dental Handpiece Spare Parts: ...

Gemini Series Midwest Tradition Handpiece - MB Dental Supplies

M&B Dental presents the Gemini Series Midwest Tradition high speed handpiece. This stainless steel handpiece uses ceramic bearings and is made in the USA ...

KaVo Mira Lux 635 B Rebuild Tutorial

Step by step guide for repair the KaVo Mira Lux 635 B highspeed dental handpiece using the ProScore EZ Press III. Visit us at for ...

Bearing Remover - Assembly and How To Use

This is showing how to assemble your R188 bearing remover after you recieve in the mail. It also shows how to use it, in this case a Stainless Steel Tri Stubby.

NL9000 Highspeed Turbine Replacement

Replacing the turbine on your Brasseler NL9000 is easy with a few simple steps. For information on ordering turbines or additional parts for your Brasseler ...

W&H Synea TA-97 LED Rebuild Tutorial

Step by step video guide for rebuilding the W&H Synea TA-97 LED dental handpiece with the ProScore EZ Press III and ProScore EZ Rebuild kits with steel or ...

Rebuilding a Star 430 Highspeed Dental Turbine

This video will show you how to rebuild a Star 430 highspeed dental turbine using ProScore's EZ Press III Repair System. Check out the EZ Press III Here: ...

A1 Handpiece Specialists Star 430 Dental Turbine repair

How to install a Star 430 Dental Turbine. Manufacturer of all brands of dental turbines. All turbines are ceramic bearing with a 1 year warranty. A1 Handpiece ...

Dental Handpiece Turbine Installation

Learn how easy it is to install a replacement dental handpiece turbine. Download our free Handpiece Maintenance Guide AKA "The Blue Book": ...

Replacing Your Lares Highspeed Handpiece Push Button Chuck

Dental Hand Piece Repair

Taking apart a dental lab hand piece, cleaning, and repacking "unserviceable" bearings.

Dental Handpiece Turbine Repair

ARCHIVAL VIDEO - PRODUCT NO LONGER AVAILABLE Learn how easy it is to repair your own handpiece turbines! Watch this demonstration of the ...

Yabangbang High-speed update


NSK X95L / Star 1:5 O-ring Replacement part1.

Bad bearings in dental handpiece

Bad bearings in dental handpiece.

How to Rebuild Your Air/Water Syringe

Learn how to completely rebuild your Air/Water Syringe, and in doing so, reduce down time and save money! For more information on syringe repairs and ...

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