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How to: Furoshiki (Japanese fabric wrapping)

Techniques Furoshiki traditional japanese wrapping clot. Your Complete Guide to Furoshiki Furoshiki is a traditional japanese wrapping ...

Japanese Street Food - SUPER FAST MOCHI POUNDING Japan

How to make "Kenka Kaburi" for Matsuri Festival (Japanese Bandana)

Try the smart accessories perfect for your new look! Let's see the style with Kenka-kaburi.

Hachimaki, Traditional Japanese Bandana 01/01

I was kindly invited by Ms. Carol Atkinson from North Beach Elementary School to join her class to celebrate the Japanese Children's Day (May 5). Ms. Atkinson ...

Hinomaru Headband by kyofusa ผ้าโพกหัว ญี่ปุ่น

闘気 จิตวิญญาณ แห่งนักสู้ ผ้าโพกหัว / คาดหมอนเบาะ Headband made in Japan เป็นผ้าชิ้นใหญ...

Traditional Korean hairstyle 1

How I made my Haku Mask

You can use this technique for other masks too* DISCLAIMER: The music is 'Sign' by Flow. It is not my music How I made my Haku mask from Naruto. This is my ...

How to make Kanzashi /Japanese ornamental hair pin- Look at the professional technique(。-ω-)ノ

How to make traditional Japanese kanzashi. □Click Here For More Kanzashi Info!□ → Hana kanzashi ...

Kimi no na wa/ Your name. Making Mitsuha's Kumihimo(Braided cord)

Pattern: Result: ...

Samurai Man Bun \\ 4 Easy Quick Men's Hairstyle

Here are four super simple hairstyles inspired by pictures of Samurais when they're on their day off getting Chipotle, liking pics on Instagram, holding puppies, ...

Let's learn how to make Kanzashi (Japanese hair ornament)!

Yuko of Japan Outpost ( visited Kirsty to learn how to make a Kanzashi, traditional Japanese hair ornament, typically worn by ...

Headband - Traditional Fashion Items at DAISO Japan

I wanted to do something a little fun and share with you guys some of the things that I think are cool that you can get at DAISO in Japan that look like traditional ...

Part 2 - How to make traditional Japanese Style cloth sandals

Below is the link for Part 3 : These cloth sandals help relieve stress from your body. Its very soft on your feet.

Headband for Chuseok- Shinbie's Awesome Head Crafts

"Baecci" is the Korean traditional headband, we can wear with "Hanbok". We wish upon the full moon on "Choseok". I wish your Wishes come true~~~~~^^!

Weaving a Lei of Tradition

For Nā Lei O Ka Holokū, lei are not only decorative; they are an integral part of the perpetuation of hula and culture.

DIY Hachimaki

diy hachimaki Please subscribe!

DIY Japanese Bookbinding Tutorial | 4-Hole | Sea Lemon

Watch more videos - Subscribe - Show more info below ↓ In this tutorial, I'll show you how to do a 4-hole ...

Tenugui: uses & handkerchief/towel designs at Some-no-anbo store (Tokyo, Japan)

Discover high-quality tenugui handkerchiefs/towels at Some-no-anbo speciality store (Asakusa district, Tokyo city, Japan) then their uses through traditional ...

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