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Handmade Steampunk Victorian Style Goggles with Vintage Filigree Decoration, Costume Novelty Accessory

✔︎Handmade steampunk goggles by UMBRELLALABORATIRY in the USA : These vintage Victorian style goggles are an excellent addition to any cosplay, LARP, costume, rave, or convention outfit ✔︎ Impeccable detail: The stunning rose red lenses, sleek black finish and shining bronze antique filigree design on either side keep you stylishly well-equipped ✔︎Customize your look: Wear them over your eyes, on your head, around your neck, rest them on the brim of your hat, or even display them as a piece of decoration ✔︎ Great addition to Halloween costume for boys, girls, pirate, music festival, Burning Man, just anywhere where you want to be the King or Queen of the crowd. Amazing piece that will complete your rave mask, gothic clothing, accessories for men, and any goth or gothic fan. ✔︎ Fully adjustable fit and Excellently durable:Our welder-style glasses are constructed of sturdy plastic & PVC with sturdy elastic head strap makes our diesel punk eyewear perfect for men, women, teens children, actors, ravers, cosplayers - everyone!

UMBRELLALABORATORY | STEAMPUNK VAULT EXCLUSIVESEEK AND YOU SHALL FINDWe present the newest item from our collection of mad scientist treasures..... STEAMPUNK HANDMADE VICTORIAN GOGGLES COSPLAY GOGGLES Great addition to Halloween costume for boys, girls, pirate, ultra music festival, Burning Man, just anywhere where you want to be the King or Queen of the crowd. Amazing piece that will complete your rave mask, gothic clothing, accessories for men, and any goth or gothic fan.FESTIVAL Our steampunk goggles / rave glasses are excellent for electronic house ultra music dance festival and concert, EDM events, Birthday party, Holiday, Halloween, New Year party, Rave, festivals as Burning man, Coachella, Bonnaroo, Lollapalooza, electric forest zoo. We made this one-of-a-kind, handmade accessory especially for...COSPLAY | CONCERTS | COSTUMES | DECOR | LARP | MUSIC FESTIVALS | RAVES | THEATER ...AND MOREWe wish you safe time travels and the best of luck on your intergalactic adventures...-THE UMBRELLALABORATORY\

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