A Wisconsin Fur-Trader’s Journal, 1803-04


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Wisconsin Fur Trade | Milwaukee Public Museum
Wisconsin Fur Trade ... In 1842, the American Fur Trading Company officially went out of business. Wisconsin became America’s farmland, and immigrants began to flood the territory. ... and horses were found at the DuBay site, dating after 1860, clearly reflecting DuBay’s own shift from fur trader to small farmer. In This Section In This ...
A Wisconsin Fur-Trader's Journal, 1803-04 - Manuel Lisa
A Wisconsin Fur-Trader's Journal, 1803-04. By Michel Curot 1. Journal Folle Avoine, River Jaune 2 for 1803, & 1804.
Fur Traders in Wisconsin - Mead Wildlife Area
Fur Traders . In the 1600’s, European fashion demanded furs. ... These Moccasins may have been traded from the Eastern U.S. and ended up with the Cadotte family in Wisconsin. Powder horn and measure from the 19th century. The horn was found within the walls of an old tavern in Mosinee.
Fur Trade | History | Fox Wisconsin Heritage Parkway
The boundaries of the Fox-Wisconsin Heritage Parkway follow their momentous journey, from Green Bay to the Mississippi River. This theme provides the opportunity to explore and interpret the corridor’s role in developing the frontier in the New World.
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The French Fur Trade |Turning Points in Wisconsin History ...
The French Fur Trade. For two hundred years, Wisconsin life was dominated by the beaver. From 1650 to 1850 the economy revolved around beavers in the way that today's revolves around oil.
Wolf River Tannery
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Fur Trade | The French in Wisconsin
Starting in the 1680s, the fur trade became a major part of Wisconsin’s history. By the beginning of the 18th century, the fur trade was well established in Wisconsin and fur posts (and military forts) were scattered across the entire state.
Discussion Wisconsin's Fur Trade, Sep 22 2014 | Video | C ...
Mike Josephson showed some of the tools of Wisconsin’s fur trade and talked about the impact fur trade had on Green Bay’s economy and culture.Mr. Josephson showed the items used by fur traders ...
Madison's Fur Traders | Wisconsin Historical Society
Visit our other Wisconsin Historical Society websites! ... Fur Trader in Council Tepee, 1892 ... was born about 1798 in Canada and came to Wisconsin in 1821. He married a Ho-Chunk woman, and was with the tribe in 1829 at the Treaty of Prairie du Chien. When the Black Hawk War broke out, Col. Henry Dodge recruited him as a scout and a spy for ...
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