Cosplay of Watch Dogs 2 Mask Marcus Wrench Plastic Rivet Mask Cool Halloween Party Cosume (Black)


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Watch Dogs 2 | Meeting Wrench's Crush

Love these two lovebirds.

✖ LAST OF THE REAL ONES ✖「 wrencus 」

be gay fight technocrats.mp4 -- klsdjfkh city lights neon aesthetic is so fucking hard man but the end result is worth it i think??? also yeah i still love these two and ...

watchdogs 2 speedpaint - Marcus & Wrench

I couldn't render it in better quality and I'm tired so here it is if anyone is interested program used: pain tool sai characters are from Watch_dogs 2 on tumblr: ...

Dancing with wrench


This Is Why I Love Wrench

Wrench is the best character in this game.

Watch Dog 2 | Weak ‣Wrench x Marcus

Sorry i just ship them so much ~ X_X.

wrench x marcus | watch dogs 2 | too many friends | fanmade video [AMV]

music: placebo - too many friends video: watch dogs 2.

wrench & marcus 1


Chibi Wrench and Marcus Speedpaint

Sobs, i can`t play the game. probably watch it on youtube. I start study on 14th of november. haha~ one day before it released. Hopefully i can play it when my ...

WATCH_DOGS® 2 Marcus talking to Wrench

Promo Monkey Wrench speciale HALLOWEEN

Domenica 28 ottobre in previsione della notte di halloween, il rock si maschera ri paura,,,,, Monkey Wrench si traveste di rosso e dalle 22:00 alle 24:00 apre la ...

Wrench Gets Kidnapped and Unmasked/Plant a transceiver on the antenna Watch Dogs 2

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