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Custom engraving= stainless= steel= simple= black= band= ring= wedding= men= boy=

Product Detail:Stainless Steel,high polished,IP black Plating,width 8mm,weight 6.5g,size 7-13 IMPORTANT:We offer free engraving for this product. Please click" customize now" fill in your engrave information then "add to cart". We will get your engrave information from your order. If you don't need any engraving please type" NO ENGRAVING". Any questions please contact us. .... "DELIVERY DATE and Package" --- MERCHANT ORDER USUALLY NEED 10-20 DAYS to DELIVERY. Fulfilled by Merchant will come with a high quality velvet bag; Fulfilled by Amazon or DHL will come with a gift box,Package in good condition. 90-Days Money back guarantee,100% Secure shopping,reply within 24 hours. If you have any problem after received the item, please contact us via immediately!!! Advantages of IP plating: 1, the color is uniform 2, durable surface, in a variety of basic air and direct sunlight environment to maintain a good appearance. 3, economical, can reduce the time and cost necessary to clean and polish brass or gold. 4, in the harsh environment such as hot sun, humidity, no discoloration, no falling off, stable performance. Highly resistant to abrasion, scratching, no easy to scratch.

MPRAINBOW Custom Engraving Stainless Steel Simple Black Band Ring Wedding Ring Men Boy Do what we say, say what we do In order to let you have a happy shopping experience,we have done and will do as follows; 1.Products we sell are all in new condition and finished rigid inspection. 2.If you have any questions, just contact us, we will do our best to help you. 3.If you receive the goods and are not satisfied our products, we promise 90-day guarantee. We put the full stop to your search for a special gift to a loved one Are you planning to give a gift with a sentimental value to your lover, parents, siblings, children, spouse or friend this Christmas, for the birthday or anniversary? There is nothing better than the Custom Engraving Stainless Steel Simple Black Band Ring Wedding Ring Men Boy The stainless steel built makes this ultra durable and prone to rust, corrosion and discoloration over the years. Switch pendants conveniently to suite your mood, time, place and occasion. The slim and strong chain necklace and Shiny Smooth pendant is not just a perfect gift but also a token of appreciation that you could treat yourself into. The classy black velvet pouch gives the additional rich look to the high quality chain pendant duo. high blood pressure, children with special needs etc. Make this all yours by hitting the Add to Cart button!

Price: $4.99 - $5.99


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