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Baby Shark Costume with Fin and Headband


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DIY Shark Fin Costume - Martha Stewart

Don't forget about your favorite doggie companion this Halloween. This how-to for making a shark fin costume is simple and inexpensive, but it's sure to put a ...

DIY Shark Fin Head Band (Halloween Costume)

Watch as I make a Shark Fin Headband our of Dollar Tree products! Let me know below what you or your little ones are going as for Halloween!

Shark Hat!

You can head tot eh Sticky TV website for the instructions:

Make a paper shark hat! An easy craft for kids by World Book

Visit our bookstore for more activities for kids: This World Book video teaches kids how to make a paper ...

How to make- A shark fin headband from the book shark in the park

How to make- A shark fin headband from the book shark in the park.

How to Sew shark costume teeth & fin

Video tutorial of how to sew shark costume teeth and fin on.

DIY LAST MINUTE DOG COSTUMES: Hotdog, Gumball Machine + Beanie Baby

MUSICS Intro: Background Music: Enslate: ...

Make your very own Shark Fin

Make your very own Shark Fin, using your empty Rice Krispies Multi-grain Shapes cereal box! Go to for more fun makes!

Shark Week Treat and DIY (Shark Bark and Dog Shark Fin)

Shark Week Treat and DIY Thank you so much for watching my Shark Week Treat and DIY video. Do you like watching shark week? Make sure to subscribe so ...

Headbands Shark

Headbands Shark.

DIY Dog Costumes

Halloween #DogCostumes #DIY Hi friends! I'm back with one of my best friends, Abigail, and we made some really simple DIY costumes for our pups! What are ...

LED Shark Fin Headbands from

You'll need a bigger boat (for your awesome party) when you bust out our LED Shark Fin Heabands, available at!

Shark Fin Block Tutorial Cheryl Arkison

Maybe you see orcas instead of sharks? Either way, with only 3 seams this is an easy, fun block to celebrate all the top ocean predators. Like all the animals, ...

How to Crochet a Starfish Headband

In this video I show how to make a starfish headband that will fit a baby. This pattern is very versitile so you can make the headband bigger to fit any size head.

The day Princess Ella become a real mermaid. She has to be rescued by Batman. W/ blind bags

Hey guys, so i have had some request to do another skit. I hope you enjoyed it because I had so much fun with Batman.Please leave some ideas of what you ...

How to make a shark fin

Paper fin that goes on your back.

DIY | Cookie Monster Costume

You gotta admit, Cookie Monster is probably one of the coolest childhood characters on the planet. Not only does his diet purely consist of cookies and sugary ...

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