5779: Prophetic Perspectives Into the New Year: A Year of New Births and Serpent Warfare Rising


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5779 - A Prophetic Perspective

On the 9/9 the Trumpet will sound 99 times ending with one great final blast - marking the beginning of the Hebrew year 5779! This New Year prophetically ...

A Prophetic Word for New Year 5779/2019

Prophecy for New Year 2019 Welcome To Ministries

Patricia King prophetic insights for year 5779. Part One


Prophetic Word for 2019!

5779: A Year of Giving Birth and Serpent Warfare

Watch this video presentation of Jennifer's insights into the Hebrew year 5779. You can get an entire Kindle ebook on that expounds on all the points here: ...

5779 Prophetic Word

It is almost Rosh Hashanah (September 9th-11th) and the Lord is moving. What will happen this new year in the spirit? Check out Kay's latest work to see what is ...

5779: Birthing Vision (9am Message) 9.9.18

(VIDEO REPLAY) 5779: Birthing Vision (9am Service) 9.9.18 ||

5779 Is coming! Hebrew Calendar Revealed - Teaching - Eric Burton

The Hebrew calendar year 5779 is approaching soon, and Eric breaks down what he sees prophetically for the upcoming year. The teaching includes ...

5779年的9個預言 Nine Prophetic Words for Year 5779

西雅圖信望愛靈糧堂Bread of Life Christian Church on the Plateau (425)898-7650 余大器& 張琳玲.

Prophetic Word for the New Year 5779 // Patricia King // Part 2

5779 Prophetic word - What do you see?

More revelation and inspiration concerning the season that we have entered into. God wants to do some BIG things in the lives of His people.As we pray and ...

10 Years of Promise and Testing | Chuck Pierce

During our early service, we began with incredible worship led by James Vincent and our Judah Team. Then I shared from the life of Abraham on “10 Years of ...

Blessings for the New Year of 5779 by Rabbi Manis Friedman

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A New Prophetic Generation | Prophetic Perspectives

Jeremiah Johnson shares about his journey of accepting the call to be a prophet. He talks about some of the pitfalls prophetic people should avoid. Check out ...

PROPHETIC WORD HEAD OF YEAR 5779 with Prophet Chuck Pierce & Apostle Abercrombie

Mighty Prophetic Word For 2019

This Is A Mighty Prophetic Word For 2019 Are You Ready? Instagram: wisepreach Facebook: wisepreach twitter:wisepreach ...

Prophecy About You In Year 5779 - By Bishop Ezimah Oden

This is the direct word of prophecy from the Lord that came to Bishop Dr. Ezimah Oden on the 18th day of September 2018 for you. God cares about you. Not one ...

Outlook for the year 5779

An overview of the coming year based on a verse in Proverbs. Our apologies for some technical difficulties at the beginning of the video. Check out our new ...

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