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PRESIDENT ABRAHAM LINCOLN (History/Social Studies for KIDS) Whole brain mentor teacher, Sunday Heppner, introduces kids to President Abraham Lincoln and the North/Blue Coats and ...

Hundreds of Kids Dress up as Abraham Lincoln in World Record Attempt

An elementary school in Kentucky has a tall order to replicate one of America's tallest leaders, by the hundreds. The Lincoln Elementary school counted 556 ...

BEST SELLER Halloween Costume Reviews! Honest Abe Lincoln Children's Boy Halloween Dress Up Theme.. - Honest Abe Lincoln Children's Boy Halloween Dress Up Theme Party Roleplay & Cosplay Costume (Youth X-Large (10-12)) THE ...

Construction Paper Abraham Lincoln Costume

My Abraham Lincoln costume made out of construction paper.

Lifelike Animatronic Abraham Lincoln!

Support videos like this -- and get a free gift -- by becoming a Tested Premium Member: This incredibly lifelike animatronic ...

Abraham Lincoln's Hat

Abraham Lincoln Hat

Part one of my halloween couple's costume. The Abe Lincoln hat is made out of felt and cardboard and is fairly simple to make as long as your measurements ...

Dozens Of Abe Lincolns Descended On This Small Town In Illinois (HBO)

Once a year, somewhere in the United States, dozens of men dress up as President Abraham Lincoln — and a few women as Lincoln's wife — and descend on ...

President Lincoln Top Hat Booklet Journal for Kids - President's Day Craft & Writing Activity

This President Abraham Lincoln top hat booklet is the perfect writing research journal for kids to make at school! Teachers can pre-make these, or have the kids ...

Tammy Twotone with Abraham Lincoln.

The little man had to do a report on Abraham Lincoln. And, it had to be in costume. We had a great time.

How to create a George Washington Costume for Kids

How to create a George Washington Costume for Kids.

how to preside, from 2 who know a bit about it

Ira Bryck, director of the Family Business Center of Pioneer Valley, interviews Presidents George Washington and Abraham Lincoln on their perspectives on ...

Peyten delivers the Gettysburg Address dressed as Abraham Lincoln

On May 9, 2013, Peyten and her family visited the Abraham Lincoln Presidential Library and Museum. Peyten was kind enough to let us film her reciting the ...


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Kids George Washington Costumes - George and Martha Washington costumes for kids.

Faraan Akram as Abraham Lincoln

Fancy dress competition at Dr VSEC, Sharda Nagar, Kanpur School of Nursery Kids. Master Faraan dressed up himself as The 16th President of the United ...

Abraham Lincoln

II Fancy Dress Competition, January 2017 (Abraham Lincoln)


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