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Boll - definition of boll by The Free Dictionary
boll (bōl) n. The seed-bearing capsule of certain plants, especially cotton and flax. [Middle English, from Middle Dutch bolle, round object; see bhel- in Indo-European roots.] boll (bəʊl) n (Plants) the fruit of such plants as flax and cotton, consisting of a rounded capsule containing the …
Boll | Definition of Boll by Merriam-Webster
Recent Examples on the Web: Noun. Engineering students at Enterprise High School used 3-D printers last year to create miniature boll-weevil monument Christmas ornaments.
Boll | Define Boll at
Boll definition, a rounded seed vessel or pod of a plant, as of flax or cotton. See more.
Uwe Boll - Wikipedia
Uwe Boll (German: [ˈuːvə ˈbɔl]; born June 22, 1965) is a German-Canadian restaurateur and filmmaker. He financed his own films through his production companies Boll KG and Event Film Productions.
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boll - Wiktionary
2019-01-11  · The farmers ſervants who have families, and engage by the year, are called hinds, and receive 10 bolls oats, 2 bolls barley, and 1 boll peas, which two laſt articles are called hummel corn,
Boll | definition of Boll by Medical dictionary
BOLL A gene on chromosome 2q33 that encodes a putative RNA-binding protein which may be required during spermatogenesis. BOLL is thought to act by binding to the 3'-UTR of mRNAs and regulating translation; it is testis-specific and interacts with DAZ1 and DAZL.
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