The First Four Years (Little House Book 9)


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The First Four Years: An Overview (Part 1)

In her first lecture over 'The First Four Years,' Pamela Smith Hill gives a basic history of the writing and publication of the last book of the 'Little House' series, ...

Important Intro to The First Four Years

Little House on the Prairie Audiobook

Can you please look at the channel Next Epsode subscribe and like The Ingalls family leave behind the little house in the big woods of ...


The Real "Ma" and "Pa": 20 Rare and Amazing Vintage Photographs That Show What The People From 'Little House On The Prairie' Really Looked Like: The ...

Books & Beyond: The First Four Years

A look at the first four years of the Books & Beyond Service-Learning Project. Video by Caitlin Ryan Music by Patrick Ryan For more information about Books ...

First Four Years

Taylor's audio/visual report on Laura Ingalls Wilder's book "The First Four Years".

My first Little House Books County Fair By: Laura Ingalls Wilder

Farmer Boy | Little House Series | Book Review | BookCravings

Hi, everyone. I'm back with another book review. Today I'd like to recommend Farmer Boy, by Laura Ingalls Wilder. This is the second book of the Little House ...

The First Four Years

Christmas in the Big Woods - My First Little House Books

It's a Merry Christmas in the Big Woods for Laura as she helps Ma bake cookies and make candy, plays in the snow with her cousins and finds a wonderful gift in ...

The Book Bird Episode 02 "Little House In The Big Woods"

Little House On The Prairie movie part 1 32 YouTube

When i was a kid, my dad n mom said my character close to Laura Ingalls's. :D.

The First Four Years: By Laura Ingalls Wilder

via YouTube Capture.

The First Four Years Little House

Book Review: The Little House in the Big Woods by Laura Ingalls Wilder

Back for my first review in a while. It's awkward, but I hope it encourages other people to dive into this classic series. I know I still have a ways to go :). Enjoy!

First Four Years Audiobook by Laura Ingalls Wilder

You can listen to the full audiobook First Four Years, free at our library. Laura Ingalls Wilder is beginning life with her new husband, Almanzo, in their own little ...

Laura Ingalls Wilder-Little House Books Unit Study Ideas and Recommendations PART 1

This is part one in the series where I showcase the books and study helps that I have in my personal collection. I have bought these over the years [many moons ...

Laura Ingalls Wilder LITTLE HOUSE ON THE PRAIRIE Bio | Almanzo Wilder | Rose Wilder Lane

A popular 1970s tv series, starring Melissa Gilbert as Laura and Michael Landon as her father Charles Ingalls, was inspired by the Little House novels from ...

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