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Goldschmiede Cassandra / Spring Boot / Camel Essentials

This presentation is in German. You find further material on GitHub: In this ...

"A first taste of integration with Apache Camel", Rui Salgado

Devnexus 2015 - Take Apache Camel to the Cloud with Fuse on OpenShift - Markus Eisele

Spring Boot JMS Tutorial - JmsTemplate JmsListener with ActiveMQ Example & JAXB

In this Java Spring JMS Example I show you how to use Spring Boot JMS Autoconfiguration in order to create a JMS producer and JMS consumer. We first ...


Time to upgrade your winter wardrobe! During the colder months, always make sure your new items are as functional as they are stylish. Luckily, Express has ...

Practical Trademark Law For FOSS Projects - Shane Curcuru, Apache Software Foundation

Practical Trademark Law For FOSS Projects - Shane Curcuru, Apache Software Foundation Are you wondering how your company can profit from the wild ...

Leather Jacket & Green Utility Jacket - Men's Outfit Feedback

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Leaptalk - Micro Service Architecture (Building Scalable System)

Leaptalk - Architecture of Modern Application: Micro Service Architecture (Building Scalable System) In this talk, Anjesh Tuladhar from Young Innovations goes ...

Camel Mild

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Overview of The Dell Boomi Integration Platform

The Dell Boomi Integration Platform provides a powerful and very intuitive visual drag-and-drop field mapping environment, allowing businesses to integrate ...

Application integration with Dell Boomi

An introduction to Dell Boomi's cloud-based integration platform as a service (iPaaS).

Dell Boomi Essentials - 02 Connector Shape FTP Connector

Learn how to use the connector shape inside of Dell Boomi. Learn more and get certified at:

Dev Labs 2015. Financial Data Integration.

The problem of data integration Financial data integration architectures Data transformation using Apache Camel Applied enterprise integration patterns BDD ...

NickTheSmoker - Camel Non Filter

Here's my review of Camel, otherwise known as Camel Non Filter or Camel Studs.

Productionalizing a Spark application

Productionalizing a Spark application. Presented at Bangalore Apache Spark Meetup by Shashank L on 30/04/2016.

FLOSS Weekly 392: Apache Cassandra

Patrick McFadin is the Chief Evangelist for Apache Cassandra Get full show notes at

Agile Integration Architecture and its effect on APIs and Messaging

This session aims to take a broader look at agile integration architecture and see how it affects all aspects of integration. With agile integration architecture now ...

Effective messaging for Java applications

Тяжело представить в современном мире распределенную масштабируемую систему, работающую на основе синхро...

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