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Giraffe Kisses in Kenya

Welcome to Giraffe Manor in Nairobi, Kenya. We will be spending the next five days traveling around Kenya & seeing the big five with The Safari Collection.


DAY 1045 // 23RD FEBRUARY 2016 // Nairobi Kenya Go Donate ...

Dying Zoo Worker Gets Goodbye Kiss From Giraffe | NEW Footage

CLICK to 5:40 In the video, If you just want to get to the Giraffe Kiss. A terminally ill zoo worker got a goodbye kiss from a giraffe after he was wheeled in to see ...

I Kissed A Giraffe

Today I actually socialized. With animals. I'm basically Eliza Thornberry. Yay me. Also, my friends @blondet0urage and @donebylauren joined me. Enjoy!

I Kissed a Giraffe 😘 (WK 332.4) | Bratayley



WE FEED Giraffe's and Rhinos - watch a Cheetah race, pet an ant eater!!! So many fun adventures at The San Diego Zoo Safari Park! Welcome to J House!

Bella Giraffe Kiss

Bella describes a kissing scene between Zak Henri, a giraffe and herself in the movie “Blended.”

Girl making out with giraffe!

zoo woman worker kisses giraffe!

Do you wanna kiss a Giraffe?

Let's go for a hot, romantic and epic moment.... Have you ever kiss a Giraffe? Amazing POV ! She's looking for love and make some kises to my camera.

Kiss a giraffe in Kenya

The African Fund for endangered species popularly known as Giraffe centre located in Nairobi the Kenya capital,is a home for the endangered Rothschild's ...

How to Kiss a Giraffe

Pucker up at Giraffe Manor and watch Eddie share his giraffe kiss. For the perfect giraffe kiss follow these simple tips: 1. Pick a nice long pellet to ensure there's ...

girl kissing giraffe

Robert Irwin gets a kiss from Australia Zoo's giraffe!

One of Australia Zoo's resident giraffe licks Robert's face as he feeds her a carrot!

Nature activist Joanna Lumley gets a giraffe kiss as she works in African animal conservation - BBC wildlife

Joanna Lumley continues her nature escapades with the beautiful giraffes of Africa. Watch more Born To Be Wild from BBC Worldwide here: ...

Getting a Kiss from a Giraffe at Giraffe Manor

Giraffe Manor: the only place in the world where you can feed giraffe from your bedroom window or have a giraffe peer its head over your shoulder at breakfast.

Kissing a giraffe

Kenya, Africa Giraffe Center.

French kiss behind tourist and giraffe in Kenya

Kenya's Giraffe center is located just south of the nation's capital Nairobi. It offers indigenous forests, nature trails and, of course, close contact with the rare ...

How to kiss a Giraffe

Shot these Video from Giraffe Center ( Hostel manor) in Nairobi Kenya. Africa best place to be upclose with the giraffes as they give you slippery kisses.

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