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Ultimate Cat Lady: Woman Shares Her Home With 1,100 Felines

SUBSCRIBE to the Barcroft network: A caring cat lady has given up her 4200 square foot home to more than a thousand felines.

eHarmony Video Bio

Im Debbie, i love cats and i just want a soulmate! Buy Debbie's shirts!! Follow me on Twitter:

Cat Ladies (Obsessive Cat Owners Documentary) - Real Stories

Cat Ladies unravels the real story behind the oft-ridiculed 'cat lady' - a cultural stereotype and figure of ridicule for women of a certain age with too many furry ...

23 Times You Were The Crazy Cat Lady From "The Simpsons"

(insert cat yowl) Welcome to Next of Ken and in this episode, we're counting down 23 Times You Were The Crazy Cat Lady From "The Simpsons." Who would've ...

The Simpsons - The Crazy Cat Lady

Deranged woman chases Lisa.

Crazy Cat Lady

Our crazy neighbor is sadly probably actually crazy. Or at least senile, which sucks. But in no way does that give her license to act the way she does. She is ...

Real life Crazy Cat Lady!

Real life Crazy Cat Lady! Subscribe for more funny videos! Check out the BEST of VINE Videos:

Game Grumps (D)animated: cat lady

EDIT:I appreciate all the views on this video, but guys... stop telling me how you can overdose on water, tons of people have already told me how. I don't need to ...

Am I a crazy cat lady?

Learn more about TidyCats! WATCH MY LAST VIDEO ▷ Apparel - ...

Origin of Crazy Cat Lady - Eleanor aged 8 - The Simpsons

The Real Cat Ladies of Minneapolis

We went to the first-ever Internet Cat Video Film Festival and met some of Minneapolis' most interesting cats and their owners. The third episode in VICE's cat ...

Is 'crazy cat lady syndrome' real?

Can cats really turn women into crazy cat ladies? Some scientists think it's possible. Share this on Facebook: Share this on Twitter: ...

Am I a crazy cat lady?!

I have 6 live cats and a couple of dead ones. Is that crazy? Fig Leaf Rag - distressed by Kevin MacLeod is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution ...

24 Ways to Tell If You Are The Crazy Cat Lady

We all know a cat lover, from owning a Craft Book for Cat Ladies to Interesting Cat Toys here are 24 Ways to Tell If You Are The Crazy Cat Lady. #13 - Cat ...

136 cats in a small apartment

A resident of Novosibirsk in northern Russia has been adopting unwanted and abandoned cats for the last fifteen years. Now, as a result, she shares a tiny three ...

Crazy Cat Lady swings cat at guy

Watch in HD :) Woman swings cat at a guy near Mile End station in London. I don't know the lead up to this was, but it made for a more dramatic cycle than usual.

Crazy Cat Lady

In honor of the woman I love so dearly and the show we share, I dedicate this Valentine's Day to Samantha (Cat Lady) Morin.

How the "Crazy Cat Lady" Stereotype Hurts Cats (and People.)

This is a clip from a longer 1-hour podcast episode of Real Talk Radio which can be heard in full at: ...

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